Agriculture Television in Nepal

Nepal is an agricultural country where 67% people are engaged in agriculture. Agriculture contributes to 37% GDP. The world has progressed in agricultural field as tremendously, but Nepal is still in infant stage. Majority of the farmers still use traditional farming systems and depend on subsistence agriculture. Majority farmers are suffering from poverty. There is no respect for agricultural profession. That’s why the youth is diverting from agriculture. Youngsters are running to other countries for labor. One of the reasons for this is lack of mechanization and commercialization in agriculture. Whereas, Lack of knowledge and proper information of modern agriculture in another reason for it.

Agricultural communication can play a vital role to remove the lack of knowledge and information of the rural farmers which can transform agriculture mechanization and commercialization in Nepal.

In 2073 BS, Kartik 14, agriculture television network Pvt. Ltd. began test transmission of agriculture television as a first agricultural television in Nepal with the slogan “Self-Respect of the farmers, helps to build the country for economic and Agricultural development.

This television is trying to reach maximum farmers with cable network and DTH technology with agriculture education, information and entertainment based. This television will cover agriculture, livestock , water resource, forestry, irrigation, agricultural education, health, tourism, environment, market and consumer, and also many more subjects which are concerned with Nepalese farmers directly or indirectly.



  • To reach, to touch and to change the farmers
  • To educate, inform and entertain the farmers.
  • To motivate, aware and mobilize the farmers in modern agriculture.
  • To create the dialogue and demand in society of agriculture.
  • To reduce the poverty and change farmers’ lifestyle.
  • To make the nation prosperous.



  • Diversification of geographical condition and climate. That’s why we can produce varied products.
  • Diversification of society, cast and culture
  • Laborious people
  • Willingness to change and thirst for education in farmers
  • Government wants to change agricultural field and increase the economic level.
  • Freedom of press.
  • Possibility of survival of television in agriculture field.



  • Traditional farming system
  • Subsistence agriculture
  • Lack of mechanization and commercialization.
  • Lack of proper knowledge and skill.
  • Lack of information and education of agricultural market.
  • Lack of agricultural technologies and technicians.
  • Difficult to reach farmers for extension works due to geographical conditions.
  • Lack of education and poor health condition of the farmers
  • Poor economic and environmental condition
  • Brain- Drain of youths
  • Lack of labor in rural areas for agriculture.
  • Lack of proper agricultural policies by government.
  • Lack of proper irrigation system and soil conservation
  • Degradation of forest and weak water recourse management
  • Lack of excess of information and education of agriculture media



  • It can support to Agricultural development
  • Reduction in deforestation.
  • Helps to Livestock and poultry development.
  • Improve water resource and irrigation management.
  • Improve agricultural education and health condition
  • Support Agricultural tourism development.
  • Helps environmental improvement.
  • Enhances Satisfaction of consumers.
  • Helps to Production of quality food.
  • Increment in economic status.
  • Increment of knowledge, skills of the farmers.
  • Rise in economic status of the nation.


This movement is for all and we expect support from all. If we walk together in this movement we can achieve more and more. This is the movement for building of nation. So, support us and give us your good hands. It is a milestone for self reliance of the nation.